Free Online Service for People Living With Metastic Cancer

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The Wellness Community and The MetaCancer Foundation
Create an Online Support Group for People Living with Metastatic Cancer
The Wellness Community and The MetaCancer Foundation are pleased to announce a new and free online service that is available for individuals living with metastatic cancer.

“About one-third of patients with cancer (excluding nonmelanoma skin cancers) have metastases that are detected at the time their cancer is first diagnosed.”1 To better provide for these individuals, TWC and The MetaCancer Foundation created an online support group, free of charge, for cancer patients with metastatic cancer, made possible by a grant from The MetaCancer Foundation. The service offers a weekly, 90-minute, password-protected, professionally-led support group for these individuals.

The new program will be conducted through The Virtual Wellness Community, which is designed to enhance access to free cancer support and services through technology and to minimize barriers, such as geography. The Online Support Group at The Virtual Wellness Community will have multiple features, including weekly scheduled meetings, a limited setting of 10-12 participants and a licensed professionally trained facilitator. The Virtual Wellness Community and the Online Support Group provided through the service are led by the Patient Active model, which states “People with cancer who participate in their fight for recovery from cancer will improve the quality of their life and may enhance the possibility of recovery.”

The new online metastatic cancer support group will be a great way to help individuals start their road to recovery and most importantly be able to do so in a comfortable setting. People with metastatic cancer, will now have easy access to psychological support, along with education and inspiration.

If you are living with metastatic cancer and would like to join an online support group, please visit,

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