Death And Dying


El rol de los trabajadores sociales en hospicios y cuidados paliativos

June 25, 2008

Introducción ¿Cómo evalúan los trabajadores sociales a las personas y las familias? Los trabajadores sociales son parte del...

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The “H” Word: Hospice

July 19, 2007

Introduction Common Misconceptions About Hospice Hospice Facts People - The Hospice...

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How Social Workers Keep the HOPE Alive in Hospice

January 9, 2007

Introduction Reactions to the "H" Word Opportunities for Hopefulness Summary Introduction Many families are...

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What Is a Good Death?

July 21, 2006

Introduction How to Experience "A Good Death" Comfort Freedom from Pain Surrounded by Loved...

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Death and Dying Real Life Stories

May 5, 2006

IntroductionSomething More: The Social Worker's Role in Hospice CarePrivate Discussion in Public: Panel Bares Personal Experiences to Continue...

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Death & Dying Real Life Story – Private Discussion in Public: Panel Bares Personal Experiences to Continue End-of-Life Debate Begun with Schiavo

August 23, 2005

Panel Tackles Media's, Health Care Providers' Roles in End-of-Life Issues, What Happens When It's Close to HomeIn a panel discussion last Friday at...

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The Role of Social Work in Hospice and Palliative Care

May 27, 2005

Introduction How Do Social Workers Evaluate with Individuals and Families? Social Workers Are Part of a Hospice...

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Advance Care Planning Tips

March 23, 2005

What Is Advance Care Planning? Advance care planning is the development of guidelines that determine and document a person's goals and wishes for...

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A Positive Dying Experience

March 23, 2005

What Makes a Positive Dying Experience? From a consumer and family member point of view, research indicates that having a high-quality, end of life...

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Creativity at the End of Life

March 18, 2005

Introduction An Emerging Trend Types of Creative Expression Social Workers Helping Terminally Ill...

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