Pain Management for Children With Chronic Illnesses

September 19, 2006

By Natalie S. Robinson, MSW, LSW   Introduction Distraction Message Heat Relaxation...

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Arthritis, Exercise, and Treatment

January 27, 2006

By Yvette Coln, MSW, ACSW, BCD What Is Arthritis? Should People With Arthritis Exercise? How Does Exercise Fit Into a...

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About Pain

July 22, 2005

Introduction Acute Pain Chronic Pain A Symptom of Many Diseases Talking to Your Doctor About Pain How...

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Eight Facts Everyone Should Know About Cancer Pain

July 17, 2005

Here is a list of  some common cancer pain fears and the facts to help cancer patients and their families. Fear Cancer Causes severe...

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Pain Resources

June 28, 2005

American Pain Foundation Founded in 1997, the American Pain Foundation is an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization serving people with pain...

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How Social Workers Help With Pain Management

May 31, 2005

By Terry Altilio, MSW, ACSW   Introduction Physical and Emotional Factors Acute Pain Chronic Pain Culture...

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