Adoptions and Foster Care


Three Questions About Trans-racial Adoption

June 23, 2008

By Gina Sangster Hayman, LICSW Introduction Ms. Gina Sangster Hayman, LICSW, is a 1986 graduate of the National Catholic School of Social...

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Questions and Answers About Case Management

October 3, 2007

By Chris Herman, MSW, LICSW   What Is a Case Manager?   What Services Do Case Managers Provide? Where Do Case Managers...

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Top 10 Questions Adopted Kids Ask Parents and Ten Ways to Celebrate Adoption and Family

June 8, 2007

By Stacie Cahill, MSW   Introduction Here is a list of questions that adopted children often ask their parents as well as ways to celebrate...

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Spending Time in Foster Care – A Guide for Children

March 23, 2007

By Kristen Humphrey, PhD, MSW When You Are in Foster Care Kids' Feelings About Foster Care Why Foster Care? What...

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Helping Children Find Permanence – A Guide for Foster Parents

October 5, 2006

By Kristen Humphrey, PhD, MSW Introduction When the Plan Is for Reunification When the Child Will Be Moving On to Another...

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Adoption by Gay and Lesbian Adults and Couples

September 5, 2006

By Stephen “Arch” Erich, PhD, LCSW Introduction Research on Families With Gay and Lesbian Parents Research on Children...

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Options for Success in Adoption and Foster Care

February 15, 2006

By Gina Sangster Hayman, LICSW Introduction An Ideal Candidate Looking for "the Perfect...

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Should I Become a Foster Parent?

July 9, 2005

By Sheryl Brissett-Chapman, EdD, MSW   Why Should I Become a Foster Parent? What Are a Foster Parent's Essential...

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Adoption and Foster Care Current Trends

July 8, 2005

Adoption Statistics and Trends Adoption Options Financial Resoures for Adoptive Families Post-Adoption Assistance for...

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Adoption and Foster Care Resources

June 28, 2005 and Foster and Foster  are committed to helping as many children as possible find loving,...

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