Find a Social Worker

There are many places to find professional social workers who provide individual psychotherapy and other forms of mental health assistance, including group therapy and support groups.

HelpStartsHere features a few online directories to help jumpstart your search for the right therapist.  These sites list thousands of clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and other licensed mental health professionals.

HelpPRO Therapist Finder / HelpPRO Social Worker Finder
Are you looking for a therapist or social worker to help you deal with anxiety, depression, or marital issues? Do you have concerns about your child’s behavior or the aging of a parent? HelpPRO offers immediate access to comprehensive information about clinical social workers and therapists who can help — in your town or across the country.  Developed in partnership with NASW.

Clinicians who are NASW members can get listed on HelpPRO.

Psychology Today Therapy Directory
Therapy is interpersonal treatment for problems in living. It involves talking with a trained professional about conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship conflicts and career frustrations. Therapy provides ways to express feelings, understand patterns of thinking, gain perspective on past events and current relationships, set goals, and clarify dreams for the future. Clinical social workers make up more than 40% of the Psychology Today Therapy Directory listings; many also run blogs that cover a range of mental wellness topics.
This site allows visitors to research different mental illnesses and to conduct geographic searches for therapists.

The decision to see a therapist is a very personal decision. Many times, people choose therapy during times of stress and emotional pain, and it may also be when you want to grow and mature. The decision to call a therapist may be a difficult one but is viewed as a strength—not knowing the answers to all your life questions is normal. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, a therapist will listen to your concerns and help you decide upon the most appropriate course of action.

Other ways to find the right therapist for you:
  • Talk to trusted friends, family, or clergy about professionals they may know
  • Ask another health care provider, such as a family doctor, for a recommendation
  • Ask your health insurance company for a mental health provider list
  • Use a referral service from a national professional organization for therapists
  • Contact a local or national mental health organization or national medical society