Youth Development


Nine Steps to Success

June 22, 2007

By Stedman Graham, BSW Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. Ret. U.S. Gen. Colin...

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Adolescents and Depression

March 26, 2007

Introduction Signs of Depression Cause of Clinical Depression Treatment Who Can...

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How Social Workers Help Struggling Teens

August 3, 2006

By Frederic Reamer, PhDand Deborah Siegel, PhD, LISCSW   Introduction Special Schools and Programs Warning...

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Youth Development Real Life Story – Many Gay Teens Are Coming Out at Earlier Ages

June 29, 2006

By Eun Kyung Kim   Introduction Chris Krug had thought she was a lesbian from the time she was 8, but she felt certain after developing...

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It’s a Whole New Ball Game: Turning Young Lives Around

August 1, 2005

Hansel Rodriguez   New York City Elementary School P.S. 128M 12-year-old Hansel Rodriguez sits in a chair in the teacher's...

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The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

July 12, 2005

By Mary Huyser, MSW, ACSW Introduction What Was the Indian Adoption Era? Indian Child Welfare Act What Does the Act...

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Youth Development Real Life Story – It’s National Social Work Month

May 11, 2005

By Sheila Black Haennicke, MSW It's National Social Work Month.  Do You Know What Your Social Workers Do? I'm a social worker, mom, freelance...

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Youth Development Resources

March 14, 2005 This Web site offers one-stop access to government resources that support after school programs. The site is designed for anyone who...

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How Social Workers Help in Youth Development

March 7, 2005

By Mark A. Mattaini, DSW, ACSW, and Christine T. Lowery, PhD, MSW   Youth Development Workers Prevention...

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Youth Development Services

March 7, 2005

By Mark Mattaini, DSW, ACSW Introduction Specialization and Youth Development Services Community-Building...

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