Grief And Loss


Grief, Loss, and Spirituality

September 26, 2008

Some of My Grieving Clients, Like the Character in The Sixth Sense, Talk to Dead People Introduction Hallucinations An...

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Thirteen Rights of the Bereaved

May 15, 2008

Introduction Right #1.  Family Expectations Right #2.  Compassionate Pronouncement of Death Right #3.  Viewing the...

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Three Questions About Widows, Widowers, and Their Relationships

April 2, 2008

Introduction Dr. L.B. (LeslieBeth) Wish is a psychologist and social worker.  Wish. She has been a speaker for non-profit, corporate and...

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Instant Relief from Grief

January 17, 2008

Introduction Give Back Stay Connected Cry and Yell Get Inspired Get Help Introduction Grieving is...

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Explaining Suicide to Children

August 22, 2007

Introduction For very young children For adolescents Introduction One of the most challenging types of loss a...

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Handling Grief at the Holidays

July 31, 2007

Introduction Ways to Cope With Grief Individually at the Holidays Ways for Families to Cope With Grief Together at the...

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Mourning a Miscarriage

June 14, 2007

Introduction Why Does This Hurt So Much? What Can Help? Internet Resources This baby lived too short a time This...

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A Response to the Virginia Tech Shootings

May 9, 2007

Introduction Responding to Excessive Public Displays of Violence Assisting Survivors After a Traumatic Event An...

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Distinguishing Late Life Depression from Grief

April 4, 2007

Introduction Risk Factors Finding Help Introduction As we age, loss is inevitable. Changes in all areas of life, from...

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Grieving Parents and Their Risk for Substance Abuse

March 23, 2007

Introduction Recognizing Complicated Grief Increased Risk of Substance Use and Abuse Interventions to...

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