How Social Workers Help with Depression

March 11, 2005 at 2:08 pm  •  Posted in Depression by  •  0 Comments

By Margaret Gibelman, DSW


Much more intense than a simple case of feeling “down” or blue, depression is a very real, potentially paralyzing medical condition that can’t simply be willed away. Consulting a social worker is an excellent way to begin seeking treatment for depression.

During your initial visit, a social worker will ask a lot of questions about your life, your feelings, and how you cope with every day tasks and events. After assessing you, and coming up with a definitive diagnosis, the social worker will help to create and coordinate a treatment plan. This may mean negotiating with your insurance company to assure that you qualify for payment as well as arranging for a consultation with a psychiatrist or other medical doctor to determine whether you would benefit from medication.

The social worker may also link you with a support group, where you can explore your feelings with others in a safe, facilitated setting, or refer you to a mental health professional who can provide the type of one on one therapy most appropriate for your type of depression. Remember, the ultimate goal is help you to get back on your feet, coping easily with every day events and feeling as normal as possible.


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