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Practicing Tolerance and Responsibility: Excerpt from “The Simple Guide to Lasting Love”

March 7, 2011

By Maura McGovern Moore, MSW, LCSW Introduction In this chapter we will explore our level of responsibility for our thoughts, actions and...

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Valentine’s Day Backgrounder: How Do You Know if Your Sweetheart is Marriage Material?

January 10, 2011

By Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D., MSS, MA   Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, MSS is a social worker based in Sarasota, FL. She has  been a speaker for...

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Depression and Stress During the Holidays

November 17, 2010

By Maribel Quiala, MSW, LCSW   Introduction Peace, Joy and many guests (sometimes unwelcome guests) like Depression and Stress, which can...

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Depresión y Estrés durante las Fiestas

November 10, 2010

By Maribel Quiala, MSW, LCSW   Introducción Paz, Alegría y muchos invitados (algunas veces invitados no bienvenidos) como la Depresión y...

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Tips for Managing the Emotional and Financial Stress of Foreclosures

September 16, 2010

By L.B. (LeslieBeth) Wish, Ed.D, MSS   Introduction Dealing with Financial Disasters Dealing with the Emotional Fallout...

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Compulsive Hoarding Q&A

July 22, 2010

By Gail S. Steketee, MSS, PhD   Introduction Gail Steketee, PhD is  the Dean of the Boston University School Social Work. Her recent...

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Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: The Connection

April 28, 2010

By Susan Klein Winston, LCSW-R Introduction    Self Medicating Behavior    Abstinence from Drugs and Alcohol    Dual...

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Cut Off Worry at the Pass and Nip It in the Bud

April 16, 2010

By Bette J. Freedson, LICSW, LCSW, CGP I have many years experience teaching people how to manage stress and cope effectively. My tips are...

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What to Do When Your Therapist Must Terminate Therapy Abruptly

December 9, 2009

By Dr. Melanie J.Barton, LCSW, Ed.D   Dr. Melanie J. Barton, LCSW, Ed.D was diagnosed with cancer and had to close her psychotherapy practice...

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An Overview of Suicide Risks among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth

December 9, 2009

By Dave Reynolds, M.P.H. (Advocacy and Education Manager, The Trevor Project) and Phoenix Schneider, M.S.W. (Program Director, The Trevor...

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