How Social Workers Help in Lifespan Planning

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Counseling Young Adults
Counsing Adults in Their 40s and 50s
Counseling Senior Citizens



Lifespan planning involves anticipating and planning for one’s future needs.  These may be health needs, financial needs, or retirement needs for you and your family.  There are many highly trained social workers available who can provide you with valuable services and who can recommend relevant resources.

Counseling Young Adults

Many young adults in their 20s are in college or are just starting out in the workplace. Highly trained social workers are available to give them career counseling and help them focus on achievable goals.

Millions of young adults in their 30s and are focusing on making a home and raising a family. Social workers can offering a variety of counseling to young families such as referring them to financial counselors and attorneys who can help them buy a house and save for their retirement.  They can help young families stay healthy by counseling them on diet and exercise.  They can also assist children who are having trouble in school.

Counseling Adults in Their 40s and 50s

Many adults in their 40s and 50s have concerns for their retirement years as well those of their parents.  Someone in his or her 40s and 50s may be thinking of employment options such as early retirement or even changing careers.  Social workers are an excellent resource for career and retirement information.  This is a time for considering vital aging issues.

Some adults in this age range become caretakers for their parents or other elderly relatives.  At this stage their are some legal considerations that can be discussed with a social worker such as the need for parents to have a will, a durable power or attorney, a trust, or joint ownership and tenancy.  This is also a time to discuss advance directives.  Does the person being care for want to be resuscitated if gravely ill for example.  This information should be put in writing and a social worker can help you with this.

Counseling Senior Citizens

Social workers can provide counseling to seniors and their loved ones to help them stay vital and in good health.  It is also very common for social workers to help seniors who have mental health issues. In addition, social workers can teach the elderly how to relieve stress, and avoid anxiety and depression.  Social workers can also help seniors to things such as prepare for doctor’s appointment, identify care options such as assisted living facilities, help seniors navigate the complex Medicare system and deal with insurance issues, and help them find legal or financial assistance.

In conclusion, social workers are available to help you at any stage of of the lifespan continuum.


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