Your Options in Assisted Living

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Your Needs, Wants, and Questions

If you are considering living in an assisted living facility, you should ask yourself the following questions. They will help you decide the services an assisted living residence should offer you so that you will be able to maintain a good quality of life. You can print this document and take it with you when visiting prospective residences. And remember, there are highly trained and experienced social workers available to help you if you have any questions or concerns about moving to an assisted living residence.

What Do You Need?

Do You Need Help…

What Do You Want?

Is It Important For You To

Questions To Ask





Maintain your routines, such as deciding when to:

Get up?

Got to sleep?

Eat meals?

Bathe or shower?

Can I decide when I:

Get up?

Go to sleep?

Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Shower or bathe?


Doing laundry?




Paying bills?

Spend your time?


Doing laundry?

Keeping house?



Writing social and business letters?

Doing something else? If so, what?

If there’s a kitchenette, are the cupboards reachable?

If no kitchenette, what chances are there to prepare my own meals?

Is there a laundry for residents’ use?

Can I keep my own housekeeping supplies?

Can I get help doing my own laundry or housekeeping?

Can I have visitors at many times of day?

Can someone from the residence read to me? Can someone read to me in my language if it isn’t English?

Are large-print books available? Books on tape?

Are written materials from the residence, such as the admissions contract, house rules, newsletter, in large print?

Can someone from the residence help me write my letters?

Getting places? Go certain places, such as:




Department store?


Hardware store?


Take trips?

Visit family and friends?

What transportation is available from the residence?

What options are there for individuals to schedule outings other than to medical appointments, residence scheduled trips or other group trips?

What public transportation is available, and is it accessible?

What’s within safe walking distance for me?





Do residents have a curfew?

What are the procedures if I decide to stay overnight with a friend or go on trips overnight?

Maintaining your involvement in your neighborhood and larger community, such as

Your church, mosque, or synagogue?

Clubs and organizations you belong to or volunteer for?

Staying involved with your neighborhood and larger community. What are my chances to continue my community activities, such as attending my place of worship, or clubs or organizations that I belong to?

What other opportunities are there to engage in community activities?

And regular supervision from a doctor or nurse because of a medical condition?

Managing or taking your medications?

Be involved and have a say in your medical treatment? What opportunities are there to be involved and have a say in my medical treatment?

Can I refuse medications, services, or treatments?

Source: Thinking of Moving to an Assisted Living Residence? Fostering Autonomy & Independent. Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD) and the Nursing Home Community Coalition of New York State (NHCC).


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