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What to Do When You Suspect Your Adult Child May Be Mentally Ill

March 9, 2011

Introduction Anna M. Scheyett, PhD, MSW, LCSW is associate dean at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill School of Social Work. She...

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Six Skills for Families and Significant Others Who Are Affected by Someone Who Abuses Substances

April 18, 2006

By Jan Ligon, PhD, LCSW   Introduction Skill #3: Solidify Your Position The Effect of Substance Abuse on Families Skill...

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About Addictions

July 12, 2005

Introduction Substance abuse is one of the most misunderstood problems in today's culture. In fact, we live in a society that offers mixed messages,...

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Various Treatments for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

July 5, 2005

By Laurie Drucker, MSW, LMSW About Alchohol and Drug Addictions What Is Addiction? How Are Addictions Treated? How Can...

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Can We Talk: Preventing Alcohol Abuse Peer to Peer

June 30, 2005

By Kate Jackson   Peer educators are addressing campus alcohol abuse and students are listening. The stories are increasingly...

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How Social Workers Help Struggling Teens

June 17, 2005

Introduction Special Schools and Programs Warning Signs Substance Abuse and Truancy Courts How to Find Help How Social...

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