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Anxiety – Your Options

August 1, 2006

Introduction Here are two articles description options to help individuals cope with anxiety. Guided Imagery Hypnosis: An Effective...

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Questions and Answers About Depression in Older Adults

June 28, 2006

Isn't depression a normal part of aging? What are the causes of depression among older adults? What are the symptoms of...

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Alcohol and Aging: Myths and Realities

April 13, 2006

Introduction Mr. Collins Seniors and Problem Drinking Mrs. Carlson How Many Are Too Many Drinks? Receiving...

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Addictions – Your Options

January 6, 2006

Introduction Therapy and Booze Don't Mix Helping Children of Alcoholics / Substance Abusers SAMHSA Advisory -- Updated Directory of Drug,...

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How Social Workers Help with Schizophrenia

December 15, 2005

Introduction Group Therapy Individual Therapy Assertive Community Treatment Family Therapy Additional...

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Treatment Options for Mood and Thought Changes After Pregnancy

July 19, 2005

Introduction Women who experience significant changes in their normal thinking and mood after pregnancy may be genetically predisposed to such...

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When The Mirror Lies: Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder

July 14, 2005

Introduction Case Example Prevalence Indications of Body Dysmorphic Disorder Considerations for...

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About Obsessions and Compulsions

July 6, 2005

Introduction Suppose I Suspect I Have OCD? What Is OCD? How Is It Treated? How Pervasive is OCD? Can a Child Have...

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Treating Co-Dependency

July 1, 2005

Introduction Are you a person who needs the validation of others to feel good about yourself? Are you so preoccupied with others that your own sense...

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Receiving Treatment for Eating Disorders Through the Managed Care System

July 1, 2005

Introduction Anorexia Nervosa, a type of eating disorder is defined by eating miniscule amounts that do not maintain body weight, or not eating at...

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